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Actor, Playwright, Executive Artistic Director
off the WALL productions

What's next?

Beginning in February 2022, we’ll be presenting a series of eye-opening new solo plays by female playwrights, and a spectacular movement theater piece by local artist
Mark Conway Thompson.
In June we will be presenting an original and very timely work "Not My Revolution"  by Elizabeth Elias Huffman . A story about two women whose lives have been forever altered by civil war. 

In September, we will open our next season with "What KInd of Woman" at Carnegie Stage, followed by a 7 week Off-Broadway run at Nancy Manocherian’s the cell theater.
Written by Abbe Tanenbaum, an American playwright currently residing in Northern Ireland, What Kind of Woman is a story of empowerment and the choices we make, for better or worse.


Virginia Wall Gruenert, Actor, Playwright
Hoard 2020/21 Virginia Wall Gruenert

I am extremely proud that, so far, we have made it through the challenges that COVID19 has thrown our way and that our  2020/21 season is filled with exciting, challenging plays.  We are staying true to our mission,  where we aim to create a more conscious and compassionate community, while providing a living wage for all artists. We provide a home in which live theater, dance, music, and comedy can be presented, while nurturing, challenging, inspiring and empowering women theater artists from our area and beyond to collaborate as playwrights, directors, technicians, and actors, and to explore new ideas and develop new works

Poster What Kind of Woman  24 x 36_edited.jpg

What I choose to put on the off the WALL stage has to live up to certain standards: it must be theatrical, it must be meaningful, we must learn from it, and it must challenge my actors as well as the audience.  Also, because I am determined to act upon gender disparity at every conceivable opportunity, it should also be written by a woman whenever possible.

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