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PRESS Virginia Wall Gruenert -  Actor, Playwright

Byhalia, Mississippi

May 2018

Virginia Wall Gruenert is a powerful presence on the stage. Her Celeste is brash, loud and controlling…" Burgh Vivant


March 2015

“(Wall Gruenert’s) sympathetic portrayal of an independent woman trapped in an oppressive society is the heart and soul of this production.”  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette


December 2013

Virginia Wall Gruenert's miraculous performance as Ann is as amazing as it is because it's all happening in miniature." City Paper
Virginia Wall Gruenert... plays Ann with an admirable low center of's the best thing I've seen her do."  Post-Gazette

The Other Place

October 2012

The performance is heartbreaking..." Pittsburgh Magazine
"...cheering it's lead actress...with intensity and bravado..."
"...a commanding tour-de-force performance..."
Pittsburgh Owl Scribe
"...she has it all, she does it all..." WRCT Pittsburgh

The House of Yes

December 2011

Fortunately, Virginia Wall Gruenert, as Mrs. Pascal, has both the jokes and the skill to knock 'em home." Pittsburgh City Paper 
"Mrs. Pascal... is played to perfection by Virginia Wall Gruenert... she is a gorgon of a mother... She has a real knack for delivering Pascal’s deadly one-liners." Pittsburgh Theater Today 
"Mrs. savagely funny..." Observer-Reporter

Shaken & Stirred

October 2011

"The result left a deep, thoughtful, strong impression long after I’d departed the theater..." WRCT Pittsburgh
"...a gripping, emotion-packed drama with considerable moments of comic relief ... " Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"...Gruenert  has a star turn in the surprising role of a long-time AA sponsor, not to mention Happy's beleaguered mother." Pittsburgh City Paper

'Night, Mother

October 2010

"Acted with nothing less than brilliance by Virginia Wall Gruenert." Observer-Reporter

"...Gruenert pulls out all the stops as Thelma...she really displays her acting chops by showing an incredible range of emotions." Pittsburgh Out Magazine

"...Gruenert's Thelma , meanwhile, is an ...emotional maelstrom..." Pittsburgh City Paper

Agnes of God

October 2009

"...Gruenert manages to flow from hard-nosed atheist shrink to a curious, faith-searching healer in a slow, even keel" Pittsburgh City Paper 

"I admire Gruenert's performance..."  Observer-Reporter

"...Gruenert manages to perfection."  Pittsburgh Out Magazine

Season Greetings

December 2008

"Gruenert's comedic timing and command of the stage are evident..."  Pittsburgh City Paper

"...a tour de force for Gruenert..."

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

August 2008

" will find no flaw in the performing...Edward Albee would be proud."

WRCT Pittsburgh

"...Gruenert comes through beautifully..."

Observer Reporter

Shaken & Stirred

November 2007

" ... a triumph..."
 Observer Reporter"
... Best Play 2007 ..."  
Pittsburgh Post Gazette  - Readers Choice


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